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Are they going to have Luffy Gear 5 animated in one piece?

Many speculations are going around the animated series Luffy Gear 5. However, this blog post will clear the air around this animated series and give you some idea of what is happening and how they will make it.

About Luffy Gear 5 animated series

There are some assumptions about Luffy Gear 5, the most anticipated animated series now among kids and elders, which is found to have 40 to 50 episodes. The episodes of 1036 would cover up to Chapter 1015, and there is no sign of this animated series of season 5 starting from Chapter 1043. Therefore, there will be around 28 episodes that are left to be aired. The pace of animation and timelines clearly say that this series would take March or April 2023 to release. Production processes are going on to see this fully animated series on more giant screens. The fandom of this series is expecting its release before Kaido. However, unfortunately, this is not going to happen. Gear 5 is about the genuine nature of Luffy’s Devil Frit, whose real name is Hito Hito no Mi, and the model’s name is Nika. Luffy has managed to hide the Devil fruit character. You will soon see this character of Luffy in the 5th season. 

Explain the game Rant of one-piece: Gear 5 of Luffy’s peak

The powers of gears 2, 3, and 4 are unlocked, and therefore, Luffy would use gear 5 to fight with the most dangerous antagonist in this anime series, Kaidou of the Beasts, near Onigashima. The spoilers have been released online, hinting that Luffy’s new power would be used in gear 5 form. There is a mention in the 1043 chapter of the manga series. 

How to make use of One-piece chapter 1044 spoilers hint in Luffy’s new gear 5

In recent times, the one-piece manga shows the transformation of Luffy, and her using Gear 5 to fight the enemies has startled the viewers and fans. The transformation is compelling and surprising. Indeed, it is a visual treat for fans to see Luffy being powerful compared to Kaido. 

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