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Crowning Nicki: 20 Quotes That Prove She’s The Queen Of Comedy And Inspiration

In the world of music and entertainment, it has been widely recognized that Nicki Minaj stands tall as an icon, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. However, beyond her chart-topping hits and mesmerizing performances, there is another facet to Nicki’s personality that sets her apart: her wit, humor, and empowering messages.

This blog aims to celebrate Nicki Minaj’s reign of humor and empowerment as we explore 20 quotes that solidify her queenship as the Queen of Comedy and Inspiration.

The 20 Quotes:

  1. It was noted that Nicki Minaj had mentioned that she always felt it was important to show women that they could be in charge of their situations. The artist mentioned that she came into the game by constructing her brand and doing mixtapes even before she was signed.
  1. It was observed that Nicki Minaj emphasized that one didn’t have to feel the need to put somebody down to make oneself feel better. The artist urged people to uplift others and celebrate their achievements instead of resorting to tearing each other down.
  1. Nicki was quoted as saying that she always felt like she could do anything. The artist mentioned that thoughts and perceptions of oneself controlled individuals. The artist added that if someone was taught they couldn’t do anything, they wouldn’t do anything.
  1. In another quote, Nicki offered words of encouragement, stating that one’s victory was right around the corner and one should never give up.
  1. A profound insight into Nicki’s mindset came through in her quote, stating that she was her competition. The artist mentioned that she was competing with herself and considered herself her competition.
  1. Nicki was a vocal advocate for female empowerment, breaking down barriers and encouraging women to pursue their ambitions unapologetically. The artist expressed her vision, stating that she thought of herself as a woman who wanted other women to be bosses and strong go-getters.
  1. Nicki pointed out in a quote that individuals wanted to know what scared people, and she answered that success scared them. The artist mentioned that when people didn’t make moves and didn’t climb up the ladder, everybody loved them because they were no competition.
  1. With her unique blend of confidence and humor, Nicki playfully acknowledged her success and the attention that came with it in one of her quotes. The lighthearted remark highlighted her ability to take her achievements in stride and not take herself too seriously.
  1. Nicki consistently advocates for women’s empowerment and self-assurance. In a quote, the artist advised women to treat themselves like bosses and be sure of what they wanted. Nicki encouraged them not to permit others to control their lives without their knowledge.
  1. Continuing her support for women’s empowerment, Nicki expressed in another quote that she wanted women to always feel in control. The artist mentioned that she believed women were capable, and she added that they were so capable.
  1. Nicki’s journey served as an inspiration to anyone who had ever felt like an underdog. The artist mentioned in one of her quotes that she fought for the girls who never thought they could win. The performer’s rise from humble beginnings to international stardom served as a reminder that with determination, perseverance, and a belief in oneself, anything was possible.
  1. Nicki fearlessly addressed double standards, saying that when she was assertive, she was seen as a “bitch,” but when a man was assertive, he was seen as a “boss.” This candid statement urged women to embrace their assertiveness without fear of judgment, challenging societal norms that often label confident women negatively.
  1. Nicki’s advocacy for breaking stereotypes extended to her views on women’s complexity and individuality. In a quote, the artist confidently stated that she was a multidimensional woman, just like all women are.
  1. One of the intriguing aspects of Nicki’s journey was that she never initially saw music as a career path. The artist once mentioned in a quote that she never thought about music as something she could do for a living. The celeb just knew she loved it, and it was very therapeutic. This quote highlighted the significance of following one’s passion, which could lead to unexpected and fulfilling paths.
  1. Nicki Minaj’s wisdom extended her perspective on happiness. In one of her quotes, the artist revealed that her happiness didn’t come from money or fame. Instead, Nicki’s happiness came from seeing life without struggle. This powerful insight reminded readers that true happiness comes from finding peace within oneself rather than relying on external factors for validation.
  1. Beyond her music and career, Nicki’s playful side and sense of humor extended to her fashion choices. The celeb once shared in a quote that if she was traveling, she would pack cute furry socks in her bag. This lighthearted statement encouraged individuals to embrace their quirks and unique style, celebrating the little things that brought joy and expressed individuality.
  1. Another quote that showcased Nicki’s celebration of individuality was a statement that reflected her belief in embracing the complexity within ourselves and acknowledging the different facets that make us unique.
  1. A profound realization from Nicki’s journey was that she never initially saw music as a career path. The celeb once expressed in a quote that she never thought about music as something she could do for a living. The performer just knew she loved it, and it was very therapeutic. This quote served as a reminder to follow one’s passion, as it could lead to unexpected and fulfilling paths.
  1. In one of her confident quotes, Nicki declared that she didn’t need to get on track with anyone and prove who was better because she knew who was better. Her unwavering self-assurance inspired readers to know their worth and not seek validation from others.
  1. Nicki Minaj’s dedication to her family and her vision for the future shine through in one of her quotes. That quote reflected her generous spirit and drive to construct a lasting legacy not only for herself but for her loved ones as well.


Nicki Minaj’s reign as the Queen of Comedy and Inspiration has been solidified through her humor, wit, and empowering messages. The celeb quotes continue to motivate and uplift millions of admirers worldwide, inspiring them to embrace their uniqueness, pursue their dreams relentlessly, and construct positive change in their lives and the world around them.

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