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Discuss values in cells B77, B81 and C77

We discuss the values in the B77, B81, and C77 cells. You can continue to read this blog to learn about the values in these cells. 

What are the values in cells B77, B81, and C77?

The Min function in Excel will return the minimum value in the list. The question is related to the values in cells ranging from B77 to B81 that will return the value, which is the minimum value from all these cells. When you apply the min () function in these cells, you can get the minimum value in return. The min () function is also helpful in finding the lowest value in the data set or arrays. Based on different values in the B77 to B81, it returns the value in cell C77. The function or formula would allow you to carry out the mathematical operations in Excel automatically. You can perform multiplication, division, taking averages, etc. 

What functions are used to calculate the base values in cells from B77 to B81?

You can get the answer for the problem in the cell from B77 to B81. The functions you apply will return the value and put that in cell C77. The function will return the min value using the min () function and store the answer in cell C77. In Excel, the min function fetches the smallest value among the list of values. Therefore, USD721 is considered the smallest of the other five values, so it returns this value. You can get the highest value in the list using the max () function. The max value will be compared based on the number of alphabets if it is a string. 

Based on the values in A51 to A55 cells, the function would return the value in the cell. Location_of_largest would take the argument like the array of integer values, and the integer will tell you the list of integer values in the list. 

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