You are currently viewing Do you know about Beth Shuey? Let us discover Sean Payton’s ex-wife’s captivating life story

Do you know about Beth Shuey? Let us discover Sean Payton’s ex-wife’s captivating life story

Celebrity separation or divorce? This is not surprising news anymore. You will often hear about celebrity couples splitting or planning to go for legal separation. But what stirs the heart is the news of the separation of couples who have been married forever, and Beth Shuey and Sean Payton are one such pair. The separation news of this power couple, after 20 years of their marriage, shocked the world. Fans and followers started showing immense interest in knowing about their relationship and what made them split.

Sean Pavton is a renowned former football coach. Beth Shuye gained name and fame after getting married to Pavton. He was serving as the National Football League’s head coach of the New Orleans Saints from 2006 to 2021 and gained immense fame and admiration during this tenure. They got married in 1992 and separated after 20 long years.

Spotlight on Beth Shuey- Glance at her life events.

Beth Shuey was born in 1968 in Morocco, Indiana, in the United States. His father was Thomas Milton Shuey, and his mother was Joyce Antcliff Shuey. She was raised by her parents in Indiana and her sister, Debbie Shuey Doyle.

Beth completed her school at North Newton Junior-Senior High School. She enrolled at Indiana State University and completed her bachelor’s degree in marketing. After her studies, she became an entrepreneur and started her own business.

Glance at Beth Shuye’s Worth and Property

Beth Shuye was married to Sean Payton for more than 20 years. Sean was at the peak of his career then and earned and invested immensely. Sean is considered one of the most talented and experienced professional coaches and has a net worth of approximately $24 million. However, fans and followers have shown high interest in knowing how much money Shuye has accumulated during her marital span with Sean. According to various reliable sources, her net worth varies between $1.5-$2 million. The divorce and alimony amount eventually boosted her net worth to the next level. She currently enjoys a luxurious life in her $3.45 million mansion in Texas.

Know about Beth Shuye’s Rekindled Love 

After the legal separation and divorce, Beth Shuye is married to Jamie McGuire- a professional realtor who emphasizes Golf Course communities. Beth married Jamie on September 2020 in a close and intimate wedding ceremony. Interestingly, she was married to Jamie before her marriage to Sean Payton. Beth met Sean at Indiana State University, where he was a football coach. They dated for a few years before getting married to Sean in 1992. The couple decided to call it quits in 1994, citing personal reasons. 

Take a Note of Beth Shuye and Sean Payton’s Children

 The couple is blessed with a son and a daughter. In 1997, they were blessed with a daughter, Meghan Payton. She will be 26 years in 2023. In 2000, their son Connor Payton was born. He will turn 22 this year.

Quick and Interesting Facts about Beth Shuye: 

Who is the new husband of Beth Shuye? Jamie McGuire is the new husband of Beth Shuye. 

  • Which year did Beth Shuye get married for the second time?

Beth Shuye got married in 2000 for the second time. 

  • When was Beth Shuye born?

Beth Shuye was born in 1968 in Morocco, Indiana, in the United States. She will be 55 years old in the current year. 

  • When did Beth Shuye and Sean Payton get divorced?

Beth Shuye and Sean Payton divorced in 2014 after 20 years of married life.

  • Who are Beth Shuye’s kids?

Beth Shuye and Sean Payton have a daughter, Meghan Payton, and a son, Connor Payton.

  • When did Beth Shuye and Sean Payton get married?

Beth Shuye and Sean Payton got married on July 11, 1992. 

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