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How can you share sensitive compartmented details?

When discussing how to share sensitive information, you have to read this blog post.

What is true about sharing sensitive compartmented information (SCI)

Sensitive compartmented information (SCI) is a critical program that categorizes the information into different categories and compartments to add protection based on the sensitivity of the data. The data is also distributed into different categories, and control is given. You can classify the information and use the right protection, like proper wrapping and different courier requirements. Sensitive compartmented information (SCI) is gathered from reliable sources and different methods. It would have information about analytical processing, sensitive data, and targeting. Access to this sensitive information is only given to people needing access. This is considered to be highly confidential. 

The Information security program and protection of sensitive compartment information (SCI) would provide you with the proper guidance to transfer information. 

What are DOD cyber awareness flashcards?

There are a lot of apps and smart devices that would share personal details and contribute a lot to revealing your identity. You can learn about various terms related to confidential information through flashcards. 

How can you access the Sensitive compartmented information (SCI)?

Sensitive compartmented information (SCI) will collect information from intelligent sources and various methods. The information will be confidential, and access is given only to authorized individuals. When sharing information, it is clear that receivers have the proper clearance, and officials are informed that you are sending sensitive information through emails or replying to the email chain attaching sensitive information. When faxing sensitive details, ensure that the recipient on the other end knows it. You need to be aware of the sensitive information terms. Violation of security would involve loss of information and compromise of sensitive data. When taking confidential data with you while traveling, you have to fill out the visit access request form and get approval from the OMA personnel security director within 48 hours of your travel. 

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