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Know more about a lawsuit filed against Amare Global

In this article, we are going to learn about the lawsuit that was filed against Amare Global. Continue reading for this interesting info. 

What is the Amare Global lawsuit?

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has slammed the lawsuit against Dr. Scott Talbott who is one of the lead product researchers and is a co-founder of Amare Global. He also develops various products and the lawsuit is filed for pitching deceptively formatted commercials. The lawsuit was filed in 2004. The company is into mental wellness and works with the mission of creating a holistic mental wellness platform and its vision is to bring revolution in the mental wellness area. 

Who is Amare Global?

The first question that everyone gets is whether this company is legitimate or not due to the file of a lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed due to making misleading product statements that the product does not fulfil. The pitch was made while promoting the dietary products manufactured by them such as CotiSlim and CotStess. 

Do you want to learn about Amare Global before joining this company?

Amare Global is an MLM company owned by Scott Talbott. The company will sell a lot of nutritional supplements and wellness products. Most of the executive team of Amare has worked with YL. However, few call this lawsuit to be legitimate while a few consider this to be a scam. This is considered to be a pyramid scam where the product is manufactured to make huge money.

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