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Learn about the Net worth of Vivek Bindra – Entrepreneur and motivational speaker

Vivek Bindra has donned many hats as an entrepreneur, author, advisor to corporate companies, management consultant, author, and social personality. He owns many businesses, one run with the name Bada Business Pvt. Ltd. It is the best business school in India and has many branches overseas. He mainly trains individuals on personality development and coaches professionals who want to grow in their careers and life. Vivek authored many books in different categories like motivation, leadership, and development of humans. The books that this person writes have also been translated into the Russian language with the help of his friend whose name is Dr. Alexey Zimin, who is a renowned psychologist.

Apart from authoring books, he is also a motivational speaker who visits many universities and colleges to motivate students. He has visited top colleges in India and across the world – Harvard University (USA), Stanford University (USA), Columbia University (USA), University of California (USA), and MIT (USA).

Personal details of Vivek Bindra

  • Full name – Dr. Vivek Bindra
  • Birthday – April 05, 1982
  • Place of birth – Delhi, India
  • Age as of 2023 – 40 years
  • Profession – Author, motivational speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, YouTube, leadership and corporate trainer, management consultant, corporate advisor
  • Famous as – Motivational speaker and a YouTuber
  • Nationality -Indian
  • Religion – Hindu
  • Wife – Geeta Sabarawal
  • Mother’s name – Not available
  • Father’s name – Not available
  • Children – 1 (Madhava Sabarawal)
  • Siblings – Sister (Name is not available)
  • Schooling – St. Xavier’s School, Delhi
  • Graduation – Amity business school, Noida, OIUM University of Colombo
  • Qualification – MBA degree and Ph.D. in Doctorate of Philosophy


Dr. Vivek Bindra is based in Delhi, India, and was born in 1982. He is 38 years old as of 2023. He has been a talented individual since childhood who was good at academics. When he was just 2. 5 years, he lost his father, and his mom re-married. He belongs to Hindu Religion and Kshatriya caste. The zodiac sign of this author is Aries, who is an Indian.

Family background

Dr. Vivek Bindra has got married to Smita Sabarawal. The couple is blessed with Madhava Sabarawal. No information was found about his mother, father, or siblings. A few internet sources revealed that his father had passed away, and his mother got married after his father’s death.

Educational Qualification

He completed his college from St. Xavier College in New Delhi and is an alumnus of 1999 to 2001. Later, he pursued a Master of Business Administration from Amity Business College in Noida. During his studies, he got inclined towards Bhagwat Gita. This was gifted by one of the spiritual gurus. He got to read this holy book and was impressed with a lot of learnings in this book. Soon, he started to impart what was learned in this holy book by becoming a motivational speaker.

Net worth

The net worth of Dr. Vivek Bindra is 50 crores as of 2023, and in dollars, it is 6.5 million. He is the most famous motivational speaker in this country. The primary source of income that he gets is through the business run under the name Bada Business Private Limited. Other sources of income contribute to his net worth, such as seminars, YouTube, and so on. Despite being a reputed personality in India, he is down-to-earth.

Body measurements

Dr. Vivek Bindra is 5 feet tall and 9 inches, weighing around 68kg. He has an impressive personality and looks good, like a businessperson. He has brown eyes and black hair. The shoe size of this person is 8 US.


Bindra embarked on his professional career as a business consultant, then moved into training and started offering personal training and development to corporates. With two decades of experience, he offered training to over 7,00,000 corporate employees and business people globally. Vivek uses different holistic training methods to boost the performance of companies and achieve goals without dropping in the middle. He has become a massive public speaker and delivered many motivating and engaging speeches at different workshops, conferences, and seminars held globally. He also speaks in different television programs on business and management. He also wrote books on management and various other businesses to guide upcoming and established entrepreneurs.

Apart from this, he also participates in philanthropic activities and works towards the causes like health and education. He received many awards for his work in developing businesses and training professionals to improve their personal development. He also added a world record to his achievements by training a massive group of HR professionals at a time. The achievement is noted in the Golden Records.

Social media platforms

Dr. Vivek Bindra is active on social media platforms and owns a YouTube channel. He has many fans for his videos released on YouTube globally related to business. All the accounts on various social media platforms that he owns are authorized and have a blue tick. He earned around 3.3 million followers on Instagram, and the username with which he owns the account on this platform is @vivek_bindra. He earned close to 10 million followers on Facebook, and his account name on Twitter is @DrVivekBindra. It has over 317k followers.

He has gained a huge name, and people started to recognize him after he started a YouTube channel where he started to post videos related to life and business. The channel was started way back on December 06, 2013. Currently, he has over 20 million subscribers to this YouTube channel. Indeed, his YouTube channel is quite famous for entrepreneurship and the development of leadership qualities, with close to 1.4 billion viewers and around one million unique visitors to the channel.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How old is Dr. Vivek Bindra?

The age of Dr. Vivek Bindra is early 40.

When was Dr. Vivek Bindra born?

He was born on April 05, and the year is 1982.

How tall is Dr Vivek Bindra?

He is 5 feet and 9 inches tall.

Who is the spouse of Vivek Bindra?

The wife of Dr. Vivek Bindra is the known lady, Geeta Sabarawal.

How much earnings that Dr. Vivek Bindra hold?

The net worth of this famous author cum entrepreneur is USD 6.5 million, which is around 50 crores in Indian currency.

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