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Lee Asher and Luke Barton- Are they married?

Lee Asher is unmarried and not in a marital relationship with Luke Barton. Luke Barton is a close friend who accompanied Lee Asher on a well-known cross-country RV journey in 2018 to raise awareness about the adoption of rescue dogs throughout the United States.

Their admirable mission garnered significant media coverage, including an appearance on Ellen’s Show. This led many individuals to speculate about a deeper connection between them and question Lee Asher’s sexual orientation. However, it became evident that they were solely close friends and nothing more.

Lee Asher: Is He Dating Anyone?

Regarding public knowledge, Lee Asher is currently not in a relationship. The renowned dog rescuer has not confirmed being romantically involved with anyone. However, he may be dating someone but has chosen to keep it private. While we await further information about Lee Asher’s love life, it is worth noting that he was previously in a relationship with a woman named Sydney Febrache. They began dating around 2016 or 2017, and during their time together, they adopted rescue dogs and even purchased a van to live on the road. However, Lee Asher and Sydney Febrache ended their relationship in April 2018, and Febrache moved forward in her life. She embarked on her nomadic journey with the faithful company of her beloved golden retriever, Ella.

Lee Asher: Gay?

Lee Asher has clarified that he is not gay, despite facing questions about his sexual orientation on Instagram. He has explicitly stated that he is attracted to women. However, despite his clear response, rumors persist, likely fueled by stereotypical assumptions. Lee Asher’s attractive appearance and affinity for animals may contribute to these speculations. Furthermore, his close friendship with Luke Barton, a dog photographer, has also been a reason for the circulation of gay rumors. The two formed a strong bond, leading them to leave their jobs in 2018 and collaborate in advocating for rescue dog adoption.

Through a Kickstarter campaign, Barton and Asher raised funds to equip an RV for their mission. Subsequently, they embarked on a journey, accompanied by multiple dogs, to raise awareness about rescue dog adoption. Their campaign aimed to facilitate the adoption of at least one rescue dog in every state across the United States.

The remarkable expedition extended over several months, during which Luke Barton and Lee Asher collaborated with animal shelters in each state. Together, they organized events aimed at encouraging individuals to adopt these rescued dogs, effectively debunking misconceptions surrounding shelter animals.

Additionally, they utilized their funds to cover various expenses and support adoption efforts. Lee Asher and Luke Barton chronicled their expedition on social media, and their genuine camaraderie led some to mistakenly assume they were romantically involved and that Lee Asher identified as gay. However, these assumptions are unfounded and untrue.

Is Luke Barton wed to Lee Asher?

Lee Asher and Luke Barton are not married to each other, nor have they ever been in a romantic relationship. Their collaboration was solely focused on their shared dedication to animal welfare, particularly in the context of rescue dogs. Together, they successfully facilitated the adoption of approximately 200 dogs throughout their RV campaign. Furthermore, they established a company that produces cannabis-derived supplements designed specifically for dogs.

Their impactful work received recognition from various sources, including prominent publications like The Washington Post, which featured their story. Additionally, they had the opportunity to appear on Ellen’s show. However, once their mission concluded, they went their separate ways without romantic involvement.

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