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Love Strikes Three Times: Discovering Wynonna Judd’s Mysterious Husband

Love stories have a certain magic that captivates our hearts, and Wynonna Judd’s romantic journey is no exception. The renowned country singer has had her fair share of ups and downs when it comes to matters of the heart. However, her story took an unexpected turn when she found love for the third time.

In this blog post, we dive into the life of Wynonna Judd’s partner, the man who has become an integral part of her life and has stolen her heart not once, not twice, but a remarkable third time.

A Glimpse Into Wynonna Judd’s Past:

To truly appreciate the significance of this love story, we must comprehend Wynonna Judd’s background.  Christina Claire Ciminella entered the world on May 30, 1964. The singer’s native place is Ashland, Kentucky. Wynonna rose to fame as one half of the mother-daughter duo, The Judds, alongside her mommy, Naomi Judd.

The Judds became country music sensations in the 1980s, garnering countless accolades and chart-topping hits. Wynonna’s potent voice and dynamic stage presence established her as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Wynonna’s First And Second Marriages:

Wynonna’s journey through love has been marked by both joy and heartache. The singer’s first marriage was to Arch Kelley III, with whom she walked down the aisle in 1996. Sadly, the duo’s union ended in separation in 1998.

A few years later, in 2003, the singer married her former bodyguard, D.R. Roach. However, the duo’s marriage was also short-lived, as they parted ways in 2007 and divorced in 2013.

Enter Cactus Moser – The Man Who Stole Wynonna’s Heart:

After experiencing the turbulence of two failed marriages, Wynonna Judd’s path would cross with Cactus Moser, a musician and producer. Scott Cactus Moser entered the world on May 29, 1957. The producer’s native place is Montrose, Colorado.

The musician discovered his passion for music at a young age. As a drummer, Judd was a member of the country-rock band Highway 101 and had an accomplished career in the music industry.

Wynonna and Cactus first met in 2009, when Wynonna’s band went on tour with Moser’s band, Highway 101. Sparks flew, and a deep connection blossomed between the two. The duo’s shared love for music and the ability to comprehend each other’s artistic journey laid the foundation for a strong bond.

The couple’s love story faced an unexpected challenge in 2012 when Cactus Moser was involved in a severe motorcycle accident that led to the amputation of his leg. This tragic event tested the strength of their relationship, but their love prevailed, and they emerged even stronger. The accident brought them closer together, highlighting their unwavering commitment and resilience.

Wynonna And Cactus’s Third Time’s The Charm:

After weathering the storm together, Wynonna and Cactus exchanged vows on June 10, 2012, in a private ceremony. The duo’s wedding represented a new beginning for both of them, signifying their unbreakable bond and commitment to one another.

Since then, Wynonna and Cactus have shared their lives, both personally and professionally. They have collaborated on music projects, with Cactus contributing his drumming talents to Wynonna’s albums and accompanying her on tour. Their shared love for music has become a significant part of their relationship, fueling their creative synergy.

Beyond their musical endeavors, Wynonna and Cactus have also embraced the joys and challenges of blending their families. Wynonna has two children, Elijah and Grace, from her previous marriages, while Cactus has children from his previous relationships. Together, they have formed a close-knit family unit, supporting and nurturing each other through life’s ups and downs.

The couple’s love and commitment to one another have remained steadfast over the years. They have shown the world that love can be found at any stage of life and that sometimes the most profound connections happen when we least expect them.

Wynonna and Cactus’s love story is a testament to the power of second chances, resilience, and the ability to find happiness after heartbreak.

Cactus Moser: The Man Behind The Music

Cactus Moser’s journey in the music industry began long before he met Wynonna Judd. As a drummer, he honed his skills and contributed to the success of Highway 101, a prominent country-rock band. The producer’s passion for music and dedication to his craft made him a respected figure among his peers.

In addition to his drumming abilities, Cactus Moser has also showcased his talents as a producer. His comprehension of music production and his keen ear for sound have permitted him to contribute to distinct projects over the years. Together with Wynonna, they have constructed beautiful music that resonates with their audience.

However, Cactus’s influence extends beyond his musical contributions. His unwavering support for Wynonna and his commitment to their relationship has been instrumental in their journey together. The musician has stood by her side through both triumphs and challenges, providing a solid foundation of love.

A Love Story Of Resilience And Growth:

Wynonna and Cactus’s love story is not only about finding love but also about resilience and growth. The challenges they faced, such as Cactus’s accident and the blending of their families, have only made their love stronger. The duo’s ability to overcome adversity together showcases their deep connection and unwavering commitment.

The duo’s love story serves as an inspiration to those who have experienced heartbreak and doubt in matters of the heart. It reminds us that sometimes love finds us when we least expect it and that it can transform our lives in unimaginable ways.

Wynonna Judd and Cactus Moser have constructed a life filled with love, music, and the joy of sharing their journey and their blended family.


Wynonna Judd’s journey through love has been a rollercoaster ride, but she has finally found her anchor in Cactus Moser, the man who stole her heart a remarkable third time. The duo’s unwavering commitment, a shared passion for music, and ability to overcome adversity together have solidified their bond.

Wynonna Judd and Cactus Moser’s love story serves as a reminder that true love knows no boundaries and can be found when we least expect it. The duo’s journey exemplifies the power of second chances and the beauty of finding love after heartbreak.

Together, the duo has constructed a life filled with love, music, and the joy of sharing their journey with their blended family. The duo’s story will inspire us to believe in the magic of love and the transformative power it holds.

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