You are currently viewing  New Collection of the Five Highly Paid top most Bhojpuri Actors in 2022

 New Collection of the Five Highly Paid top most Bhojpuri Actors in 2022

The topmost highly-paid Bhojpuri actors: As you all know, the Bhojpuri film industry needs no introduction rather they are famous all over India. The total number of Bhojpuri-speaking people is around 40 Crores. 

But today, we are not going to discuss the Bhojpuri language instead we will be only talking about the topmost highly paid actors of the Bhojpuri film industry in 2022. So if you are interested, to get some information regarding this, then go through the article enclosed below.

The five topmost highly-paid Bhojpuri Actors of 2022

 There are many actors and actresses in Bhojpuri film Industry, but this article accounts only for those five top most Bhojpuri actors; who demanded a very high rate while signing a Bhojpuri movie.

  1. Ravi Kishan

 Superstar Ravi Kishan was born on 17th July 1969; in Santacruz, Mumbai. He is the only Bhojpuri actor who has worked in many Big Budget Hit Films of Bollywood for the last few years, and even he has also acted as a hero and a villain; in the South Indian Film industry. He demanded 35-50 Lakhs for a single Movie.

  1. Dinesh Lal Yadav

He has become a Superstar in a very short period with the help of Famous songs and movies allotted to him as an actor. He is also known as Nirhua, and he became a superstar and Badshaah in the Bhojpuri Film and Music Album. Because of his popularity, he was selected for the TV Reality Show Big Boss 6, and by his unique style, he won the hearts of many people. The famous music Album; (Nirhua Satal Rahe) of 2003; gave him so much popularity that he was named Nirhua. He charged 35-40 Lakhs per movie. 

  1. Khesari Lal Yadav

There are some actors in the Bhojpuri Film Industry whose name is the only USB for attracting viewers to the theatres. Khesari Lal Yadav is the most demanding Bhojpuri actor in the industry, just like Bollywood Superstar Akshay Kumar. In 2017, Khesari Lal acted in six films. For his first film, Sajan Chale Sasural, his earning was only eleven thousand. Then many movies of Khesari Lal came, and he has worked in more than seventy movies. Recently his Song (Thik Hai); has gone to be viral. The majority of his income comes from his Songs.

  1. Pawan Singh

Bhojpuri Superstar Pawan Singh signed for the songs and the movies at a very high rate of 30-35 lakhs. Due to his beautiful Physique, he is, compared with Bollywood Superstar Actor; Salman Khan. His Personal life always remains in the news headlines. According to news media, he has relations with Bhojpuri Actress; Akshara. He acted as a Model; in many ads. And from this, he earns a lot.

  1. Ritesh Pandey

         Ritesh Pandey is one of the Superstar Singers and Actors of the Bhojpuri Films Industry. Due to his excellent acting and Singing Skills, he has won the hearts of many people, and his music videos have many views on YouTube. His Song “Piyawa se Pahile” has become a blockbuster. According to the news media, Ritesh Pandey charges 15-20 lakhs per project.

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