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What is FAOTP?

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FAOTP, which is abbreviated as Fall asleep on the phone. It is the widely used messaging phrase when you do not reply to people after a late-night conversation. Many funnily use this phrase.

What is this phrase means on Snapchat?

This phrase is widely used on Snapchat. It also has a lot of charms, emojis, and trophies. You can also use the phrase on people who do not reply to you after a late-night conversation with them.

What does the urban dictionary say about FAOTP?

You can post the urban dictionary in just a few clicks. The detailed form for FAOTP is falling asleep on the phone, and it is the most widely used slang term for male masturbation. It is widely found online and used by male -gangs. The OTP is a one-time pairing. This is also used widely in texting. You also need to Cotext when messaging with OTP.

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