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What is the actual name of Ddot?

In this blog post, we will discuss the actual name of Ddot. 

About Ddot’s real name

DD Osoma, born on November 29, 2006, made a massive name in the music world at a young age. He is the most famous rapper and hip-hop star with a huge social media fan base. The 17 years old boy is well known for his songs, Stp Cappin, and real facts. The actual name of this rapper is Darrian Jimenez. However, he has changed the name to Sugargill Ddot. He is the most famous rapper who hails from New York. At a very young age, he earned a considerable reputation for being a prodigy in music. He also raps like a seasoned musician. 

What is the age, wife, height, girlfriend, and family background of DDot?

The real name of Ddot has yet to be discovered by many. People call this rapper as SugarHill Ddot. He has gained a massive name with his rapper’s name, SugarHill Ddot. This boy has a brother with the same last name, Notti Osama, also known as Reyes. 

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