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What is the maximum temperature for holding tuna salad?

If you want to know the maximum temperature to hold tuna salad, read this blog post. 

About the highest temperature for cold holding tuna salad

The perfect temperature to hold cold food is below 41 Fahrenheit since this is the temperature at which the food will remain cool always. The best thing is that the food will not be frozen; therefore, you can consume the tuna salad at this temperature whenever you want. It is a must to retain the food at 41 degrees and use this food or consume it within a week of you taking the food out from the refrigerator. The tuna salad will have a temperature of 68 to 50 degrees F. Based on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports, the maximum temperature allowed to enjoy cold tuna food is 41 degrees F, equal to 5 degrees centigrade. 

How long is Tuna salad going to last?

Keep the tuna salad below 40 degrees F and do not go beyond 41 degrees F and 135 degrees F. It is considered to be a danger zone. When you prepare tuna salad at room temperature, you have to cool this down from 68 degrees F to 50 degrees F in a few hours. 

What is the maximum temperature allowed for cold-holding tuna salad?

You can prepare the sandwich with tuna when you place the salad on the bread. There is a temperature at which the disease-causing bacteria will grow a lot on the bread, which is known as a dangerous temperature zone. You can have the tuna salad at 50 degrees F. It is essential for the cook to keep the tuna salad at the right temperature to avoid this from turning poisonous. 

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