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What is the price of Galaxy on TikTok?

Everyone would like to know the price of Galaxy on TikTok. You can read the blog post to get some idea about it.
About the cost of Galaxy on TikTok
The Galaxy gift costs USD 10. If you send Galaxy gift cards to the influencers on TikTok, they will keep only 50 percent for donations. The Galaxy gift on TikTok is not expensive but is the popular choice available for people. There are a few items, such as Lion, whose price is USD 400.

Worth of Galaxy on TikTok

If you have to buy the Galaxy gift on TikTok, you have to spend 1000 coins for this. The amount goes from USD 13 to 15, depending on the package you choose to buy coins. Only a few know that one diamond on TikTok would have the value of two coins. If you have a lot of diamonds on TikTok, the more value it holds.

What does it cost to buy Galaxy on TikTok?

If you want to know the worth of Galaxy on Tiktok, then you have to spend 1000 coins. This can go up to USD 10. The Galaxy virtual item is the ideal way to support creators in TikTok. It is a virtual gift creators can receive from their fans on TikTok.

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