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When Dear lottery result will be out in Nagaland?

If you have purchased a dear Lottery and are sitting on the edge of your seat to check the results, you would want to know the timings. You can read the article to learn more about the dear lottery. Comprehensive information about the dear lottery can be found in this article.

What is the dear lottery?

The name speaks volumes about the dear lottery. It pertains to the lottery that is being played in Nagaland. It is conducted with the permission of the Nagaland Government. It is a popular lottery game that is conducted in this state. The lottery tickets are dispensed to customers under the name called Dear Lottery, and this game is played by the people residing in Nagaland.

Dear lottery details

Event name – It is called Dear Lottery Sambad

First prize money – 1 crore

Dear Lottery history – The established year is 1972

Result date – Every day, week, or month

Result timing – 1:00 pm, 6:00 pm, and 8:00 pm

Lottery prices – 6/-

Official website –

Dear lottery history

If you want to know about the history of the dear lottery, it was established way back in 1972, i.e., ten years ago. Before this lottery got permission from the government, it was run under the name lottery game and later changed to the dear lottery. Indeed, playing the lottery is legal in Nagaland state of India.

How can you buy Nagaland dear lottery ticket?

If you want to buy the dear lottery ticket, read this. You can buy dear lottery tickets three times a day. You can also buy the ticket 30 minutes before releasing the results or draw. You can find the lottery results on the official website or YouTube channel. The result will be announced at 8 pm, 6 pm and 1 pm.

A chart released with ticket numbers

There is a chart released with the list of ticket numbers printed.

How can you check the result of your lottery, i.e., dear lottery?

You can also register for the video lottery to see the results. However, you can also visit the legal website of this lottery type to view the results. Here is the process you need to follow to view the dear lottery result:

  • You can visit the dear Lottery of Nagaland,’s legal website, to see the results.
  • Navigate to the home page of this lottery website; you will find the Today’s result option and click on this.
  • Select the time and date when the results will be announced, such as afternoon 1, 6 pm, and 8 pm.
  • Once you finish the selection criteria, you can download the lottery results in pdf format. In this pdf, you can check the lottery number.

The above are the steps you have to follow to check the dear lottery results.

Note: When the list of winners who have won this lottery is announced, you can easily claim this. It will be announced through the YouTube channel or on the legal website of the dear Lottery.

Dear lottery results released at 8 pm

Dear lottery results are announced every day in a week three times. The results will be announced at 8 pm, and all the results will be found in the dear lottery results at 8 pm list.

Dear lottery results released at 6 pm

Dear lottery results will be drawn every day for a week three times. All the results will be announced at 6 pm and found in dear lottery results at 6 pm.

Dear lottery results released at 1 pm

Dear lottery results will be drawn daily for a week, thrice at 1 pm. The results will be announced at 1 pm and shown in the dear lottery results at 1 pm.

Result Timing

The results are released at different times of the day. The results are announced at a specific time, such as 1 pm, 6 pm, and 8 pm.

Prizes list for dear lottery

The prize money for the dear lottery is high for the candidate whose number is picked first. The ticket holder can win crores of rupees if lucky enough. Following are the prizes that you can win when the lottery is picked:

  • First prize – 1 crore
  • Second prize – Rs. 9000/-
  • Third prize – Rs. 450/-
  • Fourth prize – Rs. 250/-
  • Fifth prize – Rs. 120/-

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Following are the frequently asked questions related to the dear lottery:

Do you think the dear lottery is legitimate?

If the question of whether the dear lottery is legitimate or not is running in mind, yes, it is genuine. There is no fraud involved. You can buy the ticket and win a hefty amount of money.

How to buy the dear lottery tickets?

You can go to the legal website of dear lottery to buy a ticket and play this game.

Is dear lottery legitimate in India?

The dear lottery is entirely legal in India. The Nagaland government has made this lottery legal.

Who owns dear lottery?

There is no information about the person who owns the dear lottery found online. If we know the information, we will post the details soon.

How to claim the prize money won in dear lottery?

You can do a little since the winner will be announced daily on the legal website of this lottery and the YouTube channel. You do not have to go anywhere to claim the prize money once it is announced.


Now that you have learned about all the details of the dear lottery and the timing of the results, you can buy the lottery and see if you are lucky on the official website for the day.

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